Six Things to Remember When Styling Your Apartment


1. Don’t Bother Painting, Use Large Stylish Art Instead

The first few apartment we lived in we painted an accent wall in each room. It looked great, but when the day came that we had to paint them back, boy was it not worth it. In our new place we decided to get some art and pictures that matched our style to bring some personalization to the space. It was quick and easy and ended up looking great.


2. Choose Pieces With Multiple Functions

When you’re dealing with a small space that you don’t own, you have to work with the space as-is. One of the best ways to ensure great space utilization and function is to choose muti-function pieces. In this case we needed somewhere to store shoes and keys at our entryway, but I also work from home and don’t have a designated office. We chose this buffet style piece with tons of storage because it’s the perfect height for my work stool and had enough space for all of my office needs.


3. Pick Small Appliances That Suit Your Style.

Not enough apartment storage can be a major problem, especially in kitchens. Instead of being able to put away our daily-use small appliances, there can be no choice but to leave them out. Luckily these days small appliances come in so many colors and finishes that it’s easy to make them all suit your style, so leaving them out doesn't create an eye-soar, they can actually add to a design.


4. Don’t Waste Time on Style With No Function. Add Storage Everywhere You Can.

Wide open TV consoles seem to be a trendy item right now, but in small spaces it makes no sense to waste all the room under your TV. Replace that open console or tv stand with a stylist dresser or buffet to add style and storage to your room. (Don’t mind my puppy in the photo!)

Check out what we have available here.

5. For The Pet Lovers!! Don’t Waste Space on Unattractive Animal Accessories

Trust me, I know how tempting it is to fill a room with dog beds and cat trees, but they can be super bulky and unattractive! Choosing accessories like these ultra modern cat shelves create a safe space for a rambunctious cat, but also an attractive wall that compliments your space.

We build these! The ones in these photos we sell for $40 each. Send us a message, here, with your specs for a quick quote.


6. Use Otherwise Useless Walls to Add Individual Style

Even though we’ve been talking about function function function, I love to use small walls that would otherwise be dead space to throw in extra pieces I love. Although this cabinet does have storage, it’s not the most functional, but I absolutely love it! This tiny wall between the entryway door and laundry room made a perfect fit!


These tips have really helped me create many functional small spaces. My biggest suggestion is to not be afraid to personalize and make a space your own!

Laura Cone