Founded by a Designer that loves to see outdated and tired spaces transform to create life-inspiring, comforting homes.


Our mission is to create beautiful furniture and living spaces while keeping the environment at the front of our minds. In a world of over consumption, chemical toxicity and overwhelming schedules, we want to provide design solutions that don’t add to the problem. 

Having struggled with health issues and anxiety most of my life, I know how important it is to be able to come home to a wonderful space that makes you feel safe and comfortable. Your own private “Coop,” if you will. Making that space your oasis shouldn’t be hurting the environment, surrounding you with toxins or costing you more than you can afford. 

One of our main focuses is on refurbishing furniture so you don’t have to buy new to get quality and style. We have an online selection of pieces we have found and redone, and we also work on any pieces our clients already have. We offer pick up and delivery services as well as shipping for all items just to keep things easy and simple. We also use paints made by small business with similar values to ours. The paints we use all have zero VOCs which means they don’t release toxins into the air. 

We also offer full service interior design solutions where we use environmentally friendly, low energy consumption, and reclaimed products as often as possible. 

As we continue to grow keep an eye out for more products and services that fall in line with our values. 

Let us help you create a space that overwhelms you with joy. 💕💕